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What treatments are covered under my Medical Card?

A HSE Medical Card patient is entitled to the following treatments:

  • 1 free oral examination per calendar year.

  • 2 free fillings per calendar year (White fillings are available for all teeth. Silver fillings are available on molars and pre-molars).

  • 1 free 'First-Stage' of Root Canal Treatment (RCT) for front teeth (incisors and canines ONLY).

  • 1 free prophylaxis for 12 months.

  • Free extractions (unlimited number).

  • Free prescriptions and bleeding control.


HSE Medical Card holders under 16 years of age are not entitled to the use of their card for dental treatments, as per HSE specifications.

Please click here for more details regarding dental care under the HSE Medical Card scheme.


*Some treatments, such as the provision of dentures, require the approval of the HSE before the dentist can proceed, in which case the dentist will apply directly to the HSE.

Additional treatments are available to patients with specific medical conditions; your dentist will advise you regarding your entitlements in such cases. The HSE dental section may require written documentation outlining any medical treatments/medication from your G.P. or other relevant medical professional.

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